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Awards & Press


"I never knew Shakespeare could be so entertaining."

CNN Television

"TNT’s production proves that Shakespeare can be accessible to any audience anywhere…it gripped the Japanese audience from the first moment."

Japan Times, Tokyo


"TNT – world class theatre."

The Observer UK


"True music theatre."

Classical Music Magazine London

"One of the most interesting developments on the current theatrical scene."

The Guardian UK


"Astonishingly inventive and wonderfully unpredictable."

The Scotsman, Edinburgh

"Highly effective and charismatic theatre."

Village Voice New York


"TNT deliver the excellent theatre their many fans have come to expect."

Suddeutsche Zeitung Germany


"A theatrical firework."

Berliner Morgenpost

"TNT are known as the most popular touring theatre company in the world."

China National TV

"TNT – Touring theatre at its best."

South China Morning Post Hong Kong


​The Tempest

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Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 2.22.58 AM.png
  • City of Munich prize for new work (1983, 1987): 「Abendzeitung star」

  • Critics award at the Munich Biennale 1991:”Wizard of Jazz” *

  • 5 star award from the Edinburgh Festival 1999: “Sherlock Holmes”

  • Best of the fringe award Edinburgh Festival Daily Express newspaper London 1999: “Brave New World”

  • First prize EU Music theatre festival Greece 2001: “Moby Dick” *

  • First prize at –Tehran “Dawn” Arts Festival 2004: “Hamlet” *

  • International theatre Institute worldwide selection for music theatre 2009: “Marcopolis” (Co-production with Athens Concert Hall)

  • Guangdong-Shanghai festival directing prize 2013: “Taming of the Shrew” *

  • Arts Achievement award from Singapore:”Oliver Twist” (2010), “Hamlet” (2004), “Romeo and Juliet” (2014)​ *

The above productions include those not performed in Japan.

The productions performed in Japan have * after the titles.

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